The medical school dilemma, is it right for me?

Is medical school a good choice for me?

Before we get started here are a few good links I think you should check out just how hard is medical school?

The only way to answer that is to figure out your own circumstances, what you are

med school field

interested in, and if you have a very deep caring for the people around you. All of these things are going to help you become a doctor successfully, obviously they are not the only things that will lead to your success they are just a few of very important traits.

The first thing you need to determine, is medical school even realistically possible for you at this point in your life? If you are in the middle of college, it is definitely possible for you to apply for medical school and get in successfully, but somebody who is already middle aged has a job and a family, certainly has a less time than a student to devote to medical school and in a sense are much more tied down. That isn’t to say its impossible, but you are certainly not in the best position for it.

After you determine that you need to figure out if it economically worth it. After you complete medical school, you will have a career in medicine, but residencies are quite competitive and not just completing medical school is important but doing well and making the right connections. You will be making a above average wage after you graduate medical school, but that may take a few years to get into as you will still have to go through your residency and other forms of trainings before you can actually begin practicing medicine on your own.

The third thing you will have to determine is what kind of doctor do you want to be? There are a multitude of specialties that you can choose from, they range from things like heart surgery, general surgery, brain surgery, to even things like orthopedic surgeon and dermatologist. Keeping that in mind while you are going through medical school is a good idea.

If you are very seriously considering pursuing a career in the medical industry, you will need to find out “how hard is medical school”, i have a few links below that I think will be helpful in your endeavors good luck!

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